On the second floor we have three bedrooms (10 beds). The first room is for two people with a double bed. The room also accommodates a small bed for the child. The second room has four single beds, two of which can be twinned or even three in a single row, if you come with a baby or bigger family that loves to sleep together. The third – one double and two single beds. Two more sleeping places – a corner sofa on the site, which we provide a comfortable Dormeo mattress. Bedroom paintings – embroidered deers. Wood twigs are not decorations, but hangers for your clothes. In each room you will find commode when you arrive for a long time. Bedding – cotton and satin. The log wall is a joint project of us, daddy and friends. Rooms are heated during the winter with electric radiators, air-conditioned or open-air windows during the summer. There are mosquito nets on the windows. Small lavender cushions hanging by curtains that enhance the quality of your sleep by spreading a light aroma.