Our main goal is to create a home cosiness and always keep everything so that the real picture matches the photos.

For your good time, your peaceful rest, your little holidays with your closest friends or your family vacation. Very fishy lake and volleyball court nearby. Coastline is sandy. The 36kv.m bridge with rest area is cut into the lake: comfortable, modern, low-profile metal furniture with a table for your relaxing time. At the grange, in one of the three terraces, you will find placed hot tub with a breathtaking view, because it is placed in two-meter-high. Inside you will find a pile of board games, so you won't have to think what to do, when the rain will start falling down from Lithuanian sky. Interactive TV, internet, dishwasher and many more amenities. The grange is rented to only one client at a time you can fully relax and meet the morning on the terrace with a towel on your head with wet hair or with a pyjamas and a cup of coffee. The area we own is almost 12 hectares, and Hytte is located in the middle of it. Fenced area - almost 18 acres. Our grange is nearby, so we can always help you in case of trouble.


White log walls with authentic handmade paintings made by using pen technology. It took about a week to draw one painting for the artwork. Dominating details in the interior - metal constructions and hardwood. On the first floor there is a place for everyone's favourite - a porch. High ceilings, a huge fireplace, a very comfortable set of upholstered furniture and a breathtaking view through the large windows. The 35 meter LED garlands provides a special feeling of comfort in the evenings.



On the second floor we have three bedrooms (10 beds). The first room is for two people with a double bed. The room also accommodates a small bed for the child. The second room has four single beds, two of which can be twinned or even three in a single row, if you come with a baby or bigger family that loves to sleep together. The third - one double and two single beds. Two more sleeping places - a corner sofa on the site, which we provide a comfortable Dormeo mattress. Bedroom paintings - embroidered deers. Wood twigs are not decorations, but hangers for your clothes. In each room you will find KOMODOS when you arrive for a long time. Bedding - cotton and satin. The log wall is a joint project of us and daddy who was supported by friends. Rooms are heated during the winter with electric radiators, air-conditioned or open-air windows during the summer. On the windows are mosquito nets. Small lavender cushions hanging by curtains that enhance the quality of your sleep by spreading a light aroma.



- Hot tub
- The lake
- The 36kv.m bridge with rest area is cut into the lake: comfortable, modern, low-profile metal furniture with a table for your relaxing time.
- Volleyball court (this season will be upgraded)
- Closed terrace - you will find a large, three-meter, 14-16-seat dining table. When it will get dark you can turn on 100 meters of LED lamps that is hanging on the terrace roof.
-The open terrace - it has a metal construction furniture so it is a best place to enjoy the wonderful summer evenings.



Here you will find:

- Coffee and tea
- Spices
- Jam
- Honey and Sugar
- Frozen herbs from our garden
- Frozen berries
- Blankets
- All kitchen utensils: pots, pans, plates, tools, cups, glasses, electric grinder with accessories, etc.



-Baby Bjorn
-Baby bed with mattress and bedding
-Diaper changing board
-Baby play mat
-Feeding chair
-Teapot, warming up water to 40 degrees, with a nutritious formula.
- Safety fences
- Protective staircase fence
-Night light in every room (flamingos and pineapple)

-Children's toilet cover on the toilet
- Steps to reach the sink to wash your hands

Things to do inside:
-The chalkboard
-Inside swing (up to 20kg)
-Bubble pool
-Balance unicorns (two)

Things to do for kids from 3 years inside:
- Seventy piece wooden track with cars
- Wooden kitchen
- Climbing ladder on which you can swing
- Wooden blocks with letters
-Game "Find Shadow"

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